Pacific history

Timeline created by hayleymcquade
  • 1,500 BCE

    fiji was first settled

  • 1,300 BCE

    Tonga was first settled

  • 1,000 BCE

    Samoa was first settled

  • -500 BCE

    Nuie was first settled

  • -200 BCE

    Tokalau was first settled

  • Jan 1, 800

    cook islands was first settled

  • Jan 1, 800

    New Zealand was first settled

  • 950

    Tonga becomes empire of the Tui tonga

  • 1250

    Samoa threw out tongan invaders

  • New zealand became brittish colony and settelment

  • Fiji was taken over by British government

  • Fijis first indian labourers arrive

  • Germany takes over western samoa

  • Cook islands taken over by New Zealand

  • Nuie was taken over by New Zealand

  • USA takes over Easten Samoa

  • Tonga becomes a British Protectorate

  • New Zealand became fully self governing

  • New Zealand takes over Western Samoa

  • Tokalau taken over by United Kingdom

  • Tokalau taken over by New Zealand

  • New Zealand pacfic island immigration begins

  • Western Samoa becomes self governing

  • Main mirgartion form Tokalau to New Zealand begins

  • Cook island became fully self-governing

  • Fiji became fully self governing

  • Tonga becomes fully self-Governing

  • Rarotonga international airport opened

  • Nuie becomes self governing

  • Only 20% of all nuieans left on Nuie

  • Coup by Fiji army

  • New Zealand pacfic islanders become 4% of the population