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  • First Single

    First Single
    Their first single "Pacific to Pacific"
  • 2nd Single

    2nd Single
    Next single "Saturday Night",
  • Bread and Barrels of water

    Bread and Barrels of water
    "Walou", was later included on their second album Bread & Barrels of Water.
  • Debut Album

    Debut Album
    their debut album, Outland's Official in 2000, which was only released in Denmark
  • Third album: Closer than veins

    Third album: Closer than veins
    Their third album, Closer than Veins,
  • Europe MTV Award

    Europe MTV Award
    In 2006 Outlandish won MTV European music award for their album Closer Than Veins and their single "Look Into My Eyes". BBC featured the band prominently describing it as a unique hip-hop R&B band
  • 2.3 Milon copies sold

    2.3 Milon copies sold
    In 2007 the deluxe edition of Closer Than Veins released in UK for the first time. The album sold 2.3 million copies worldwide
  • IslamExpo

    On 13 July 2008 Outlandish also performed at a concert for IslamExpo in London’s Olympia, Europe’s largest Muslim cultural event.
  • Fourth Major Production

    Fourth Major Production
    Sound Of A Rebel, Outlandish's fourth major production, was released on May 11, 2009.