origins of the cold war.

  • capitalism

    capitalism is an econmic system where privated individals and corporationand was a controled econonic. it was an mixted/maeket economies. it is democracysand/or republic.
  • communism

    communism was a econmic policy of creating equality anmongst people(no social classes)
    and who dictatorships.
  • superpowers

    superpowers was countries in position of power. who ussr,us,gb (now china) and why this started was because military strong,science/tech,$
  • yalta conference

    yalta conference was a leaders met to make final stategy beat germany. who was it fdr,stalin and churchill. why wa it end war,germany would ne divided into 4 nations for us,ussr,gb and france.
  • postsdam conference

    postsdam conference gb,france,us and ussr met to finish the final peace settlement. because fdr died.
  • united nations

    united nations 50 nations met in san francisco to establish a charter. 5 permanent members of security council-us,ussr,france,gb and china.
  • nuermberg trials

    nuermberg trials these trials were meant for members of the nazi party who were responsible for the holocaust.