• opportunity was launched

    opportunity was launched
    Rover begins its journey to mars
  • Period: to


    Oppertunity was launched by NASA along with its twin Spirit to observe Mars's geology
  • opportunity lands on mars

    opportunity lands on mars
    Rover is on Mars's surface.
  • Rover digs a trench

    Rover digs a trench
    The rover gets its first of many looks at underground mars.
  • Opportunity gets stuck in a sand dune

    Opportunity gets stuck in a sand dune
    Rover is stuck in a sand dune and can't get out! Now, it can't move.
  • Opportunity Breaks Free!

    Opportunity Breaks Free!
    Rover is finally free of the sand dune and gets back to work.
  • Period: to

    Rover in Erebus Crater

    Rover studies Erebus Crater.
  • Victoria's Crater

    Victoria's Crater
    Rover reaches Victoria's Crater. One of the largest on Mars.
  • Solar Conjunction

    Solar Conjunction
    When the sun got imbetween Earth and Mars, We lost contact with the rover for a while.
  • Santa Maria Crater

    Santa Maria Crater
    Rover arrives at Santa Maria Crater and begins studying it.
  • Tisdale 2

    Tisdale 2
    Rover examines new form of rock on Mars called Tisdale 2.