One Direction

  • creation of one direction

    creation of one direction
    five boys known as one directon went in to X-factor as solos and came out as a band
  • end of X-factor

    end of X-factor
    one direction won third place in X-factor but the actualy won because they got to be the biggest band in the world
  • up all night

    one directions first album up all night came out in 2011
  • take me home

    take me home
    one direction second album take me home came out in 2012
  • tour

    one direction first tour shoeing of there album up all night
  • second tour

    second tour
    one diection second tour id feautring the second ablum take me home
  • midnight memories

    one directions third album came out in 2013
  • four

    one direction four album came out in 2014
  • where we are tour

    one direction third tour featuring midnight memorieds witch i went to
  • last tour

    one directions last tour they are on right know
  • zayn

    zayn left one directon this year ao very sad
  • concert in KC

    concert in KC
    tour concert in my home town
  • one direction

    one direction
    one direction is my favorite band but they have had thier fun and they are going to go thier seprate ways this year