One Direction

  • louis's birthday

    louis's birthday
    louis was born on Christmas eve <3
  • zayns birthday

    zayns birthday
    zayn was born on january 12 one year younger than louis <3
  • liams birthday

    liams birthday
    liam was born on august 29 <3
  • nialls birthday

    nialls birthday
    the hottest irish boy the world has ever known was born on september 13 <3
  • harrys birthday

    harrys birthday
    harry styles was born on feburary 1 <3
  • how it all got started

    how it all got started
    one direction was formed on friday july 23, 2010 8:22pm
  • x factor finals 3rd

    x factor finals 3rd
    one direction actually came in 3rd place during the x factor finals not 1st however simon cowell signed them to his record label the finals were on december 20, 2010
  • first single realeased

    first single realeased
    one direction released their first single "what makes you beautiful" on wednesday august 10, 2011 at 9:39 am
  • album release

    album release
    their first album "up all night" was released by syco records in november 18, 2011
  • up all night tour

    up all night tour
    the tour started on december 18, 2011 and ended on july 1st, 2012 it was their very first tour!!!
  • madison square garden

    madison square garden
    they performed at madison square garden it was their dream!!! at 6:06 pm
  • THIS IS US one direction 1d 3d

    THIS IS US one direction 1d 3d
    the boys first movie comes out in 3d on august 30 :D