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Of Mice and Men

  • Formation

    On November 18, 2008, merely a week after the release of the album, Carlile announced that he wasn't in Attack Attack! anymore. When asked why, he merely responded with "personal things". This post also officially announced his then-new project, Of Mice & Men. Alternative Press reported that he was fired while the band was on tour. Of Mice & Men was founded by Austin Carlile, the original vocalist of Attack Attack!, and bassist Jaxin Hall, an import from Auckland, New Zealand during 2009.
  • Record Label

    After reaching 1,000,000 plays from their Myspace profile in just two months since its launch, the band uploaded a cover of Lady Gaga's song, "Poker Face". The song was mastered by Tom Denney, formerly of A Day to Remember and a copy of the demo was sent directly to Rise Records. Recognizing the band as Carlile's new musical project, Of Mice & Men was signed to the label. The group then traveled to the Foundation Studios in Connersville, Indiana on July 14, 2009, with Joey Sturgis.
  • First Videos

    On December 6, 2009 they had two video shoots in Ventura, California for "Those in Glass Houses" and "Second & Sebring".
  • Debut Album

    The band released their debut album on March 9, 2010 even though they planned on releasing it earlier. The album was originally intended to be released on February 23, however it was forced into a delay just days before its release, but leaked on February 10, 2010 by fans that hacked into the system
  • Music Video Released

    The music video for "Second & Sebring" was released on Hot Topic's website and made its television premiere on Headbangers Ball on March 15, 2010.
  • Jaxin Hall Left

    Months after Roush's inception, bassist, Jaxin Hall left the group on August 23, 2010
  • Roush leaves, Austin is back.

    Leading onto Roush being a part of the band for already nine months, the group confirmed on January 3, 2011 that they reached a decision to have Jerry Roush leave Of Mice & Men in favor for former vocalist and founding member, Austin Carlile to return to the group. Roush posted an extended response to his firing from the band on his Twitter account. Carlile was under an intention for months to start a new musical project, with fellow musician Alan Ashby, until his request to return to the group.
  • Second New Single

    Also, on May 24, 2011 they released a second song entitled, "Purified". "Purified" has been added to the 2011 installment of Sideonedummy's annual Warped Tour compilation.
  • New Single

    On May 13, 2011 Of Mice & Men released a brand new single entitled, "Still YDG'N".
  • New Album

    "The Flood" was released June 14, 2011.
  • Warped Tour 2011

    Of Mice & Men participated on all of the Warped Tour 2011. They were joined by former bassist Jaxin Hall on select California dates for "Second and Sebring." From September 13, 2011.
  • I'm Alive Tour

    October 14th, 2011 Of Mice & Men supported We Came as Romans on the Im Alive Tour along with Miss May I, Texas in July, and Close to Home. Afterward, the group headlined the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour with Iwrestledabearonce, I See Stars, Abandon All Ships, and That's Outrageous!. For the Fallen Dreams were also included on the first half of the tour.
  • Shayley Bourget Leaves

    On February 9, the announcement of Shayley Bourget's departure from the band was released to the public via Facebook and YouTube. Shayley had also released a video statement on YouTube, stating the reasons he had to discontinue with the band. He suffered from depression and alcoholism, along with other personal problems, and felt that he was bringing the other band members down. Shayley stated he will not be returning to the band, but he has started his own solo project, called Dayshell.
  • Austin takes over all vocals

    On March 2, the band announced via Facebook that Austin Carlile would be taking over on all vocals for Of Mice and Men's third studio album.
  • New sound

    On April 2, 2012 during an interview with Alternative Press Austin Carlile stated that the band sound on their upcoming album will be "... more rock, or I guess a nu-metal sound you could say.", Carlile went on to say that "...our newer stuff is a lot more structured.
  • New Album

    On December 4, 2012 the band revealed via Facebook that they are currently writing and demoing material for their next album. The band had the following to say: "In case some of you don't already know, we are currently home from tour for the remainder of 2012 and are now back in our studio working on our brand new album! YES! An entire album of all brand new material is being written and demoed RIGHT NOW!
  • New album at works

    The band entered the studio in June 2013 to begin pre-production on the album with producer David Bendeth.