Odel Johnson.

By kaya
  • Trained as a drummer/musician

    Trained as a drummer, toured with his band.
  • joined Mesinjah

    Odel Johnson joinded the regagh band mesinjah in the early 90's
  • Married

    My mom and dad (Odel Johnson and Juanita Joubert Johnson) got married in 97.
  • Baby Boy

    Baby Boy
    Odel Johnson and my mom Juanita Joubert Johnson had a baby boy and named him Zion.
  • Baby Girl

    Baby Girl
    In 2001 Odel Johnson and Juanita Joubert Jonson had another baby but this time a girl and the named her Kaya(ME).
  • 1st album released

    Odel Johnson released his 1st in 2005 with his own band called Mind And Body Soal.
  • Truck and Bus Driver

    Odel Johnson started drivng trucks from the loading garage to the unloading spot at the store, most times he would be away from home for a long time.
  • Band Break Up

    The band Mind And Bodty Soal ended up breaking up
  • Odel Redemton

    Odel Johnson has released his 2nd album in 2010
  • toured

    Odel Johnson toured around Isreal and performed all around the world at least twice