obi-wans revenge

Timeline created by obi-wan kenobi
  • queen elizabeth india trade

    queen elizabeth india trade
    Queen elizabeth and Obi-wan created the East India Company in the 1600th to develop a British trade with the indians, english was the language to trade and talk.
  • triangle trade

    triangle trade
    The British came to Africa to trade with guns and goods for slaves then they took the slaves and traded them for rubber,sugar,tobbaco and cotton.
    Obi-wan helped to do the slavery
  • brittish people came to australia

    brittish people came to australia
    the prisoners came to Australia with the first fleet because the UK wanted a good reputation and when they came to Australia the started to lose their accents because they started to hang out with the australians. They started to be called the prisoners of motherland.
    obi-wan was responsible