Number the Stars UNit 6

By A_Rids
  • Jews start to flee into Denmark

    The Jews needed somewhere to hide so they hose Denmark. HHMMM is that why the war started in Denmark
  • Begining of the occupation of Denmark

    The occupation began with Operation Weserübung
  • Secret alliances start to form

    Right after the Germans took over Denmark people started making secret agencies.
  • The jews weren't safe anymore

    In Denmark laws protected Jews from anti- Semitism. This
    tradition went back to 1690, when a Danish police chief was fired
    for suggesting that Denmark should imitate other European
    countries and establish a ghetto where Jews would be forced to
  • The girls run, into soilders

    Annemaire wants to practice running for the game on friday at Ellen's and her school. Ellen doesn't really wants to but agrees. Annemaire flys ahead but around the corner two soilders came. Annemaire stopped dead in her tracks. Her and Ellen were really scared.
  • The Johnansen's take a risk

    The Johnansen's need to help the Rosen family escape the Germans.
  • Ellen must act

    Ellen Rosen must act like Annemaire's dead sister, Lise
  • The girls try to forget

    Ellen and Annemaire make and play with paper dolls to gety there minds of things.
  • The Johnansen's must act

    The Johansen's and Ellen have to go to Uncle Henrik's house to be safe from the germans
  • Annemaire must be brave

    Annemaire found the little package John gave to Mr. Rosen. He was suppose to bring it to Uncle Henrik. Annemaire's mom told her to run and give it to him. Annemaire got stopped by soilders but wasn't afraid. She got the package to Uncle Henrik. Annemaire was brave because she had to run in the pitch black through a forest to the harbor and back.
  • Danish king surremders

    The danish king finnally gives up and surrenders to the Germans.
  • School changes

    Schools stopped functioning properly
  • People must fight back

    In 1943 when the Danish people heard that the Germans had
    decided to arrest their Jewish citizens, they banded together to
    form the Danish Resistance.
  • Enemy surrendurs

    People celebrate the defeat of there enemys.
  • Why all the falling?

    In chapters 11-15 of Number the Stars the author added a lot of people falling. I think she added this because it shows that even if you fall you can get back up, even with some help. But one time Annemaire's mom broke her ankle by tripping over a root. She couldn't walk by herself. Annemaire had to help her get up, sometimes you can still get up but you really need help. (I hate sometimes how you need to add a date :P)