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Nuclear Weapons

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    Nuclear Weapons

  • German Push for Nuclear Weapons

    Findings of plans and pieces of a nuclear project was found in Germany showing they were working towards nuclear weapons until they surrenderd.
  • "Trinty"

    Truman wanted to see the results of the concept weapons that had been created. The test code named "Trinity" yeilded extreme results with an explosion never seen before.
  • First and Only Use

    First and Only Use
    The United States in response to the attacks on Pearl Harbor drop two nuclear bombs. "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" where dropped over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagaski unleashing unheard of devistation.
  • Soviet Union enters the game

    Soviet Union enters the game
    Years before the United States predicted and hoped the Soviet Union would produce nuclear weapons they had devoloped and tested a weapon on this date.
  • More Power?

    More Power?
    In response to the USSR testing nuclear weapons Truman authorizes a program to create the hydrogen bomb which would be far more deadly than the orginal atomic bomb
  • Operation Ivy

    Operation Ivy
    The first test of the fussion bomb takes place in the Marshall Islands. 450 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, but was not in a devilerable form.
  • Start of an arms race?

    On this date USSR tests their first thermonuclear device that causes grave concern for western countries particularly the US
  • Limited Test Ban Treaty

    Limited Test Ban Treaty
    With the arms race creating cause for concern, many nuclear and non nuclear states signed this treaty to regulate the testing of nuclear weapons
  • M.A.D

    Mutally assured destruction was a policy in response to the fact that the arms race had led to a state in which the world we be destroyed if the US and USSR engaged in nuclear war.
  • One Million Strong

    One Million Strong
    In New York one million protestors came out agaisnt the creation of nuclear weapons and to support the UN's desire to disarm states.
  • The North Korea thing

    The North Korea thing
    The first test of nuclear weapons by North Korea took place and happened again 3 years later. This test was against UN sanctions and created turmoil on a world stage
  • United States Air Force blunder

    United States Air Force blunder
    Unknowingly nuclear weapons where transported around the United States. This event resulted in a large fall out to include the resigning of Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Mosely and also Secretary of the Air Force Gates. The Air Force Global Strike Command would be created after this incident to better manage nuclear weapons.