Night Timeline: Knaylen Marcus

  • Elie enters the Ghettos

    In the spring of 1944, the the German armies occupy Hungary. Despite the Jews’ belief that Nazi anti-Semitism would be limited to the capital city, Budapest, the Germans soon move into Sighet. The community leaders are arrested, Jewish valuables are confiscated, and all Jews are forced to wear yellow stars. Eventually, the Jews are confined to small ghettos.
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    night timeline

  • The second movement of the Jews

    Eliezer’s family is among the last to leave Sighet. They watch as other Jews are crowded into the streets in the hot sun, carrying only what fits in packs on their backs. Eliezer’s family is first herded into another, smaller ghetto. Their former servant, a gentile named Martha, visits them and offers to hide them in her village. Tragically, they decline the offer. A few days later, the Nazis and their henchmen, the Hungarian police, herd the last Jews remaining in Sighet onto cattle cars.
  • Elie arrives at Birkeneau

    Elie along with his family reach Birkeneau. That night he and his dad are split from Elie's mother and sisters and never saw them again. Until August Elie and his dad must endure living in Birkeneau and the harsh treatment that came along with it.
  • Elie and his father arrive at Auschwitz

    Elie and his dad are put into a work camp, everyday their is a constant struggle to surivive. The lack of food combined with the harsh living condintions make it even harder to survive.
  • Elie and his father suffer

    The winter hit and the part of taying at the concentration camp is the hardest. Many die, but Elie and his father push on.
  • The move to Gleiwitz

    Elie and his father have to go on what is called a deadth march to Gleiwitz to reach Buchenald to catch a train to Weimar because the American army liberated the concentration camp.They reach Bunchenwald and board the rain to Weirmer (350m away from auschwitz).
  • Elie's father dies

    Elie's father dies. His father is in another block, sick with dysentery. The other men in his bunk, a Frenchman and a Pole, attack him because he can no longer go outside to relieve himself. Eliezer is unable to protect him. Begging for water one night from his bunk, where he has lain for a week, Chlomo is beaten on the head with a truncheon by an SS officer for making too much noise. Eliezer lies in the bunk above and hears the beating
  • Elie is free

    At six in the afternoon an american tank burst through the gates and the remaining jes ncluding Elie are free