Night Timeline

  • Jews put in ghettos

    The Jews in Elie's village are forced into ghettos and to wear the golden Star of David.
  • Jews moved

    The Germans begin moving the Jews of Sighet on train
  • Elie moved

    Elie, his family, and most remaining Jews are moved to the smaller ghetto in Sighet
  • Elie & family moved

    Elie and his family are finally loaded onto the train cars and begin their journey
  • Camp

    Elie and his father are seperated from the rest of their family and taken to Auschwitz.
  • Elie's surgery

    Elie goes through surgery for his foot, which has become swollen.
  • Evacuation

    Elie chooses to evacuate camp to stay with his father.
  • Death

    Elie's father dies
  • Freedom

    United States soldiers liberate Elie's camp