• Moshe

    Met moshe in 1941
  • Foreighneers

    All foreighneers were expelled from Sighet
  • the warning

    Moshe tries to warn people waht had happend to him but no one listen towards the end of 1942
  • germans

    german soldiers are in their homes
  • radio

    London radio warns them that the germans are moving in on countires
  • maria

    Maria their maid asked them to come to their village she had prepared a safe village
  • schachter

    Madam Schachter see's a fire
  • Auschwitz

    Elie arrives in Auschwitz
  • dr.mengele

    Elie meets thye notorious dr.Mengele
  • beating

    the gypsy strikes his father and elie does nothing
  • Leaving

    Elie leaves Auschwitz after being there for 4 days
  • Arrival

    Elie arrives In Buna his next concentration camp
  • Dentist

    The dentist wants to remove elie golds tooth
  • Idek

    Idek beats elie dads and once again he cant do anything
  • Gold Tooth

    Elie gives up his gold tooth because his dad kept getting beat
  • air raid

    An air raid happens and elie thinks everything will be ok
  • Warsaw

    young boy from Warsaw was hung because he was caught stealing during the air raid
  • Rosh Hashana

    Elie feels like why should he praise god
  • Inheritance

    Elie father gives him a knife and spoon because he thought he was going to be killed
  • Liberated

    Elie decides not to stay in the hospital but not till later on that he found out that they were liberated by the russians 2 days later
  • Evacuation

    they evacuate because the russians were coming and its snowy and elie foot is hurting
  • surgery

    Elie has surgery on his foot
  • running

    Elie thinks about giving up and just dying but knowing that his dad was still alive gave him the motivation to keep going
  • Rabbi Eliahou

    Elie realizes that the young polish boy was Rabbi Eliahou son and that he had died
  • Gleiwitz

    they arrive in gleiwitz
  • 3 days

    they leave Gleiwitz after 3 days
  • Buchenwald

    Elie arrives in his last camp Buchenwald
  • Meir Katz

    Meir Katz dies he was in charge of his people and he was the strongest but he couldnt hold on any longer
  • The Train

    100 men start out on the train when Elie arrives at Gleiwitz it is only 12 of them
  • Dysyntery

    Elie's dad is suffering from Dysyntery
  • dead and gone

    Elie dad dies

    Elie is free from the concentartion camp