Night Timeline

  • Wiesel's Birth

    Elie Wiesel is born
  • Period: to

    Wiesel's Life

  • Hitler is elected; Dachau camp opens

  • Britain and France declare war on Germany

  • Germany takes over Norway and Denmark

  • Wiesel's family arrives in Birkenall, Poland

  • Wiesel and his father are sent to Auschwitz

  • Russian forces liberate Auschwitz

  • Elie's father's death

    Elie's father is not found in his bed and was taken to the crematorium before day break.
  • American forces free inmates of Dachau and Buchenwald

  • Announcement that Buchenwald will be liquidated

  • Americans invade Buchenwald

  • World War II ends

  • Wiesel begins to study philosophy

  • Wiesel moves to the United States

  • Wiesel publishes Night in English

  • Wiesel is rewarded the Noble Peace Prize