• Hitler is named leader of the Nazi party

  • Nazi's began creating more than 40,000 camps stretching along the Europe to the French-Spanish Border

  • Germany expanded their army significantly

  • Germany allies with Italy

  • Soviet Union and Russia agree to split up Poland

  • Beginning of World War ll

    The beginning of World War ll when Germany invaded Poland.
  • Food rationing begins in Britain

  • Hitler leaves his plans and decides to invade Britain

  • Auchwitz started using poison gas

  • Excutions by using gas were put into use

  • Germany attacks Moscow, Russia

  • Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

    Britain and USA declare war on Japan
  • A decree stated that the Jewish people were to only work 11 hours a day in the concentration camps

  • Weisel and family arrived in Poland

  • Elie and his father were sent to Auschwitz

  • Paris was liberated from German control

  • An amount of people were hung on Christmas while everyone watched.

  • Elie's dad had passed away during the night

  • It was the end of their time, Hitler was keeping his promise by going to kill them

  • The Americans took stand at the gates of Buchenwald at 6 pm.

  • Thousands of Jewish people were still in the camps so they decided to blow the camp up.

  • Elie was still in the concentration camp

  • Prisoners were on their way to the concentration camp of Dachau, many were killed or elft to die if shown a sign of weakness.

  • Adolf Hitler commits suicide as he knows Germany has lost the war.

  • Germany surrenders to the Allies