By heftc14
  • Hitler becomes Nazi Leader

    HItler becmoes nazi party leader and states the nazi partys real formation.
  • Laws are passed to discriminate against jews

    Laws are passed to start depriving jews and minorities such as gypsises, homosexuals, and jehova witnesses.
  • Nazis start deporting jews into poland.

    Nazis were deporting jews into poland and putting them into ghettos.
  • Elie meets Moshie The Beadle

    Elie met Moshie the Beadle who tought him the ways of Kabbalah.
  • SS soldiers invade Elies town

    The SS soldiers came into Elies town and split it into two ghettos. Everyone thought that nothing bad was goin to happen.
  • Moishe the Beadle Returns From Brutal Gestapo Labor Treatment

    Moishe the Beadle returns from harsh laboring camps by the Gestapo and tried to convince the people of Sighet how brutal the Nazis and Gestapo are.
  • Elie and His Family are Deported to Auschwitz

    Elie and his family are deported by train to Auschwitz concentration camp.
  • German Troops Arrive in Sighet

    German army vehicles start to drive through the streets of Sighet and troops are being housed.
  • First American Tanks Arrive in Buchenwald

    First American tanks roll in to Buchenwald and start evacuating the prisoners.