Nico's Spanish Project

  • NAFTA went into effect.

    This was the first day NAFTA went into effect. It created the world's largest free trade area. The Agreement was between the US, Canada, and Mexico.
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  • Yo naci

    Yo naci en enero de 29. Estuvo muy tarde en noche. Mi familia estuvo muy feliz. Yo naci saludable.
  • First Sheep Cloned

    This is the day that Dolly the sheep was born. She was cloned in a test tube and then put into a surragote mother. She lived her whole life at The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh. She started to develop tumors in her chest and was put down with an anaesthetic on Feb. 14, 2003.
  • Olympics in Atlanta

    There was a bombing at the 1996 Olympics. It happened at Centennial Olympic Park where a nail-laden pipe bomb exploded during a concert. It injured more than 100 people.
  • West Nile Virus

    The West Nile Virus was first found in the US. Originated from Africa. It is spread by mosquitos. It is known to make people to become very ill.
  • Columbine

    This is the day the shooting at Columbine High School happened. The two murderers were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. The shooting lasted 47 minutes. They killed 12 students and 1 teacher. 21 people were injured. They still don't know why this happened. This showed that shootings can happen anywhere and to anyone.
  • Facebook

    "The facebook" is launched in 2004. "The facebook" was its original name. It was originally made for the students of Harvard. Within 24 hours, 1200 students had made an account and it gradually expanded.
  • Virginia Tech Shooting

    The shooting at Virginia Tech happened. Seung-Hui Cho went on a shooting rampage killing 32 people and himself. It was said to be the most deadly shooting in history. More than 2 hours had passed before Virginia Tech sent out a warning.
  • Bill Gates steps down

    Bill Gates steps down as the chairman of Microsoft. He created while in college at Harvard.
  • Obama becomes president

    Barack Obama officially becomes president. the last racial barriar in politics is brought down. He is first African-American president.
  • Freshman Year

    Mi primero dia en GHS estuve feliz. No me gusta secundaria. Estuvo muy aburrido. Vi mis amigos y nuevos amigos.
  • Mi Hermana nacio

    Mi hermano nacio en febrero de 10. Estuve feliz tener una hermana. Estuvo unos dias buenos.
  • Vacaciones

    Fui a South Carolina . Vivimos cerca la playa. Yo vi las olas gigantes y nadamos todos los dias. Me diverti en vacaciones.
  • Austin Peay

    Fui a Austin Peay . Voy todos los anos. Mis padres fue a Austin Peay por colegio. Vamos mucho los amigos de mis padres. Vamos al juego de futbol americano y el juego de voleibol.
  • Interview

    From Vientiane, Laos Came to US when she was 11 Left her country because of Vietname War Tradition of theirs is to take of shoes before entering a home as sign of respect