Niagara Falls Or Does It

  • First Day of School

    Hank Zipzer gets called to the the principal's office for being late for school.
  • Period: to

    Niagara Falls or Does It

    By: Henry Winkler
    Genre: Realistic Fiction
  • Niagara Falls Essay

    Hank gets in trouble by Ms. Adolf so he has to write a 5 paragraph essay in 5 days on what he did that summer.
  • Hired at McKelty's Roll 'N Bowl

    After school Hank, Frankie, and Ashley get hired by Papa Pete (Hanks Grandpa) to perform a magic show at McKelty's Roll 'N Bowl.
  • Majik 3

    Hank, Fankie, and Ashley decide to call themselves Majik 3 for their magic show in 3 weeks at McKelty's Roll 'N Bowl.
  • Nonwriting Essay

    Hank askes Ms. Adolf if he could do a nonwriting essay on Niagara Falls but she says no. Hank decides to do it anyway.
  • The Detention and Grounding

    Hank comes to school with his homemade Niagara Falls project. He is the first one to go, so he has Ashley connect the hose to the project for the falls. Prinicipal Love comes and stands by the door to watch. All is going great, then the hose flies off and water sprays all over Ms. Adolf! So, Hank gets two weeks of detention and two weeks of being grounded!
  • Dentention

    Hank goes to detention the next day after the project with Ms. Adolf and demands him to do his project in writing form. Then Ms. Adolf has to go pick up Mr. Adolf for a week because his car broke down. So Hank gets to go to the music teacher, Mr. Rock, and serve his D.T. there. When Hank gets there Mr. Rock isn't there so he starts banging on the drums to express his feelings while all the banging Mr. Rock walks and is proud of Hank for expressing his feelings.
  • No Majik 3

    Frank and Ashley come over and ask Mr. Zipzer if Hank could go to the Magic show at McKelty's Roll 'N Bowl in 2 days but Mr. Zipzer says no because Hank is grounded and has to learn his lesson.
  • Majik 3 is back

    Mr. Rock comes to Hanks house to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Zipzer about how Hank learns and that Hank is trying hard to do good in school but the teachers don't give him a chance. So, Mr. Zipzer says he can do the magic show the next night.
  • Show Time

    After School Hank, Frankie, and Ashley walk with Papa Pete down to McKelty's Roll 'N Bowl because that night Majik 3 will show McKelty's Roll 'N Bowl what they got. And they sure did! The main act was taking Cheerio (Hanks dog) out of a hat!
  • Doing good

    With a little help from Mr. Rock, Hank is back on track!