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  • The Julian-Claudian Dynasty started

    The Julian-Claudian Dynasty begins which included Augustus Caesar, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.
  • Nero is born

  • Nero comes to power

    Nero comes to power after serveing in the proconcil. When he came to power he was only 17 years old making him the youngest emporer ever.
  • An English revolt

    In the 61 A.D. Nero fought and finally ended an English.
  • A fire burns down Rome

    A fire burns down Rome
    A nine day fire burned down most of Rome. Nero blamed the Christians and put many to death. There were rumors that Nero played his harp and sang while Rome burned.
  • Nero's pride

    When Nero entered a sing competion aand another singer sounded better he kiled the other singer.
  • Death plot

    A death plot was discovered by roman authorities. Many famous where discovered and put to death.
  • Nero competed in the olympic games

    Nero went to Greece and contended for a prizes.
  • Nero stoped another revolt

    In 68 A.D. Nero stoped another revolt in Gaul. This showed his miltitary savy after stoping two revolts.
  • Nero dies.

    Nero dies.
    In 68 A.D, empirer Nero comitend suicied.
  • The Julian-Claudian Dynasty end.

    With Nero's death the Julian-Claudian Dynasty ends.