Nellie McClungs Life

  • Nelli McClungs birth

    Nelli McClungs birth
    She was born in Chatsworth, Ontario. Her full name was Nellie Letita Mooney.
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    Important Events in Nellie McClungs Life

    This timeline is of her acheivments throughtout her life.
    By: Reese Quantrill
  • "Sowing Seeds in Danny"

    "Sowing Seeds in Danny"
    She published her first novel, which was a big hit.
  • The Play to Defeat Roblin

    The Play to Defeat Roblin
    Roblin didn't like the idea of giving women rights, so Nellie, along with others, put on a play called "The Women's Parliment". This was a great hit, but the people re-elected Roblin. He didn't last long because the next year the suffragist helped defeat him and the Liberals gave women the right to vote.
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  • Canada let Women Vote and have Rights

    Canada let Women Vote and have Rights
    In World War I women won the rights to vote and not be possesions.
  • Manitoba Gives Women Rights

    Manitoba Gives Women Rights
    Through her efforts, Manitoba was the first province to give women the right to vote or run for the public office.
  • First Wave

    First Wave
    The First Wave means the first time that feminism became a problem that was delt with. In this time period, which was started in 1850 and went to 1920, was when people started to think that they needed the perspective of women in the buisnesses and factories. Some companies let women work for them.
  • Nellie was Elected

    Nellie was elected as a Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. There she fought for mother's allowances, public health nursing, free medical and dental care for children, liberalised birth control, divorce laws, and improved property rights for married women.
  • Won the Battle

    Won the Battle
    Nellie along with 3 praire women and Judge Emily Murphy won the right for women to sit in the Senate. They won this through fighting in the Canadian Supreme Court and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in Britain.
  • Nellie McClung's Death

    Nellie McClung's Death
    She passed away in Victoria. Although she died, people still kept fighting for her causes and her spirit remained with them.
  • Obama was Elected

    Obama was Elected
    When Obama was elected women were able to vote for him. Matter of fact exit polls showed that an equal number of men voted for both candidates but 57% of women voted for Obama. Women voters decided the winner. This shows how much Nellie and others have changed the world