Native Americans take action

  • Effort toward Peace

    Effort toward Peace
    In 1867 the fedral Government sent a peace offering to the Indians. We sent some gifts to them. In 1862 the Santice Sioux of Minnesota attaches a group of settlers, this caused them to move into their hunting groups.
  • Period: to

    Indians vs the whites

    Throughout the time,there were many wars and battles to gain the land we now have. Along with those wars and battles there were many new strategies to get the Indians off the land and into the reservations. This made everyone happy and for everyone to get along.
  • Sand Creek Massacre

    Sand Creek Massacre
    Native land grew to the point rational compromise collapsed. The local militias formed in the west to ensure its safe settlement and development. The Natives grew intolerant of being pushed on to less desirable territory. This cause most of the cheyenne to be scalped.
  • Trans Coninetal Railroad

    Trans Coninetal Railroad
    It was completed in 1869, it was taking place during the civil war. Some of the indians did not like this and would try to take over the train.
  • Custers Last Stand

    Custers Last Stand
    This caused a debate in the last custer, A general for the U.S ordered the Sioux to relocate the indians refused. This happened in 1876 June 25th. The Sioux and Custer had a battle at little big horn. After a long battle the Sioux won.
  • Chief Joseph and Nez Perce

    Chief Joseph and Nez Perce
    This happened in 1877, the indians were forced to move off thier lands because there was gold found on the land they were on. They were chased 1700 miles across Idaho and Western Montana. They were forced to surrender and relocated.
  • Period: to

    The End of Resistance

    Travelers west were encouraged to kill buffalo. The army was known to use Gaflin guns on herds just to lower their numbers. At the end of Civil War about 15 million buffalo roamed. By 1900 only several hundreds roamed. Geronimos defeat in 1886 marked the end of open resistance by Native Americans in the west.
  • Life on the Reservatyions

    Life on the Reservatyions
    The white tried to Americanize the indian children by making them go to school if they didnt the whites had the right to go in the homes and search for missing child. The indians had to live like the white press like them have their hair short.
  • Dawes Act

    Dawes Act
    This happened in 1887. This broke up Native Americans. They gabe 160 acres to each Native American Families. Even though we did this it did more harm then good.
  • Wounded Knee Masscacre

    Wounded Knee Masscacre
    A Paiute holy man Wovoka, had vision that an Indian messiah would come and the Indians could return to their lands and buffalo would roam again. The army demanded surrender of all Sioux weapons.