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Native Americans

  • Nomadic life

    Nomadic life
    The Indians had a very interesting life like they had to ride horses and that had became a part of the indians life now they have been pushed onto reservations that aren't very big some are but the nomadic life can be hard because they have to keep moving and following the food chain and wether it comes with some expences but they learned to live with that
  • Period: to

    Time of American Indians and the Railroads

    Native Americans faced many hardships, including lossing their lands, loosing the buffalo, and having a railroad go straight through the land. These hardships eventually led to hostilities between the native americans and the US government.
  • First Transcontinental Railroad 1848-1869

    First Transcontinental Railroad 1848-1869
    The first transcontinental railroad was finished in 1869 a stounding achievement considering that the project was started in 1848. At least 10 routes were surveyed during the 50's. The Gasden Purchase essentially was purchased for these means.
  • The Taking of Native American Land

    The Taking of Native American Land
    Militia killed men, women, and children A war broke out just as WW2 started. in 1862, a group of Minnesotans attacked a group of settlers who moved into their hunting ground.
  • Plains wars 1864-1890

    Plains wars 1864-1890
    To protect land and stop the waste of buffalo, Native Americans fought. They had kept their way of life against many powerful nations for two and a half ceturies. But their forces proved futile in the end.
  • Hostilities Resume

    Hostilities Resume
    When miners discovered gold in 1874, miners moved in Sioux and Cheyenne lands. the final clash happened at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in December in 1890. More than 90 Native Americans were killed.
  • Killing of the Buffalo

    Killing of the Buffalo
    in 1886 a few hundred buffalo remain when the railroad came into play. Buffalo got pushed further west until the realized they could be used for profit. They started sooting from the time.
  • The Dawes Act

    The Dawes Act
    Three years before Wounded Knee, the dawes act broke up Indian Nations, including on the resevations. The Dawes act gave each family 160 acres of land to cultivate. after a probation of 25 years Indians would be granted ownership of land and US citezen ship.