Native Americans

  • General Allotment Act

    General Allotment Act, also known as Dawes Act basicly trying to make Native Americans more "civilized" by putting them into reservations and trying to teach them the white american ways. also allowing america to take their land freely.
  • Reservations

    By 1890, 100% of Native Americans were living in reservations.
  • Battle at wounded knee

    Americans trying to kill them off and take their land. also killing off the buffalo.
  • Plessy vs. Ferguson

    "separate-but-equal" Native Americans are second class people.
  • Gaining rights

    Finally Native Americans are aknowledged as citezens and given the right to vote. this is after they battled america in 3 times.
  • Native Land

    By this time 65% of Native American land was purchused.
  • Indian Reorganization Act

    natives looking out for funds on their taken land an for economic development.
  • Special Schools

    Segregated Native American schools throughout America.
  • NCAI

    100 Indians trying to regulate federal policies. Today 250 natives are still striving.
  • Indian Education Act

    trying to recieve proper materials and hiring an training counselors.
  • Longest walk

    going on a protest walk to symbolize the forced removal of Indians from their ancestral homes.