Native American Timeline

  • Sand Creek Massacre

    Sand Creek Massacre
    There were many raids by the Cheyenne, so the government of Colorado attacked a peace campaign and killed about 150-500 people. The massacre took place at a camp on sand creek. A year later, many Cheyenne Indians moved to reservations.
  • Red River War

    Red River War
    Hunters were killing the buffalo, the Native American food supply, so the Comanche warriors went to the southern plains to kill the hunters. Generals defeated the Comanche by killing about 1,000 and the Settlers now cattle ranch.
  • Battle of Little Bighorn

    Battle of Little Bighorn
    The government decided to build the Bozeman trail right through Sioux territory in the Bighorn mountains. The Battle of Little Bighorn was fought on the plains of modern day Montana. The army forced most of the Sioux back to their reservation and killed at least 200 Sioux, while some escaped to Canada.
  • Nez Perce War

    Nez Perce War
    Generals order Nez Perce to move to a reservation but they protest for five days. Fights breakout and they dont make it to the reservation in Canada, yet many die on the way due to sickness. Later, the survivors move to another reservation.
  • Battle of Wounded Knee

    Battle of Wounded Knee
    Indians started listening to religious prophets, the Sioux started doing rituals to bring prosperity such as the Ghost Dance. Settlers thought they were going crazy and rounded them up and shot at least 200 at a river called wounded knee. This stopped violence for a while.