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Native American Timeline

By NijahB
  • Navajo and Apache Wars

    Navajo and Apache Wars
    this was the day the warriors decided that they would resist white settlement and fight back.
  • Sand Creek Massacre

    Sand Creek Massacre
    it signified the viciousness militia attacked on the village of friendly Cheyenne and Arapaho indians.
  • Red Cloud's war

    Red Cloud's war
    Red Cloud warned the United States government of opposition. He said that there would be war if the Bozeman Trail opened.
  • Red River War

    Red River War
    the disapperance of the buffalo brought about famine, so among the indians were talk of war and killing, and of driving the white man from the land.
  • Battle of Little Bighorn

    Battle of Little Bighorn
    sioux and cheyenne warriors force into reservations after gold was found on their land. General custer attacks warriors at little big horn creek and custarrd and all his men are killed.
  • "A Century of Dishonor"--Helen Hunt Jackson

    "A Century of Dishonor"--Helen Hunt Jackson
    Helen Hunt Jackson wrote about about the mistreatment the Native American had to go through by the US.
  • Dawes Severalty Act

    Dawes Severalty Act
    the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887 was the of policy of Henry L. Dawes it wasdesigned to free up western land for white settlers and acculturate American Indians to American values and practices.
  • Battle of Wounded Knee

    Battle of Wounded Knee
    sioux was performing ghost dance and the us army was sent in to arrest the indians. Sitting bull was killed and the rest of the indians escaped but was later caught. The us army kills all 170-370 sioux: men, women, and children.