Native American Policies

  • 1st Reservation

    The Establishment of the first reservation for Native Americans.
  • Indian Removal Act

    President Jefferson convinced voluntary removal with federal support rather than forced removal.
  • Cherokee Nation v. Georgia

    US Supreme Court Case, Tribes considered 'domestic dependent nations.'
  • Worcester v. Georgia

    Sovereingnty affirmed by US Supreme Court, meaning states had no authority over tribes.
  • Removal of Children

    The commissioner for Indian Affairs Advocated for the forced removal of the Native children as the only solution to the Indian problems. -----Start of 100yrs of policies seperating Native children from their families.
  • Carlisle

    The first boarding school for Native American children.
  • Indian Religious Crime Codes

    These banned spiritual practices of Native Americans.
  • Dawes Act

    This ACT caused reservation lands to be divided and relocated speratically across the U.S.
  • Hawaiian Homes Commission Act

  • Snyder Act

  • Meriam Report

    Documented disparities in Native American Health, Education, and Economic oppurtunities.
  • Indian Reorganization Act

    Nicknamed the "New Deal." Change in direction for policies surrounding Native Americans.
  • Citizenship

    Congress passed legislation that granted citizenship to Native Americans who didn't already have it.
  • Relocation and Termination

    Relocation- Goverment attempted to persuade Native Americans to leave the reservations and live in urban areas. Termination- Attempt to get rid of reservation lands.
  • Termination

    In the 1960's the idea of termination was abandoned.
  • Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

  • Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act

    Native Americans have more control over federal programs.
  • Indian Health Care Improvement Act

  • Indian Family Fxception Doctrine

  • Tribal Self-Governance

    Native Americans are goven the option of administering other federal programs.