Native American Marginalization (kirsten, raquel, nikki, mackenzie)

  • Gold in California.

    Gold in California.
    In 1848 James Marshall found gold in a California stream;. Word spread and many people migrated to California. Some people would find gold but most would not.
  • Period: to

    Native American Marginalization.

    There are many events that led up to the Native Americans' losing their land, and we listed many.
  • Massacre at Sand Creek.

    Massacre at Sand Creek.
    On November 28, 1864 the Cheyenne Indians were promised that they wouldn't be disturbed at Sand Creek. The next day the Colorado volunteers surrounded Sand Creek. They attacked and killed about 400 of the Cheyenne Indians.
  • First Transcontinental Railroad.

    First Transcontinental Railroad.
    Dicussion of this project started when gold was discovered in 1848. The union Pacific Company was to build west from Omaha, while the Centeral Pacfic Company was to run lines east from Sacramento. Each company also recieved land grants along the right-of-way averaging 640 acers per mile.
  • Little Big Horn

    Little Big Horn
    The discovery of gold broke the peace with the Sioux. Custer and his soldiers knew it was only a matter of time before the indians would attack. Custer attacked the main Sioux encampment. Within hours General Custer was massacred. Victory didn't last long, the Sioux were forced tro surrender.
  • Killing of Buffalo.

    Killing of Buffalo.
    The railroads plated a major role in the killing of buffalo. At first the buffalo were used for providing meat for the railroad workers, but then later became a sport for city vacationers. By 1886 only a few hundred buffalos were left.
  • The Dawes Act.

    The Dawes Act.
    An act passed by Congress that gave each Native American family 160 acers to cultivate. After a probation period of 25 years, Native Americans would be granted ownership of land and United States citzenship.
  • Homestead Act.

    Homestead Act.
    The United States goverment decided to open two million acres of Indian territory to homesteaders. At noon on April 22, 1889 the land was legally open to claim under the provisions of the Homestead Act. Thousands rushed across Oklahoma and former indian land was take in a matter of hours.
  • Wounded Knee Massacre.

    Wounded Knee Massacre.
    The "Ghost Dance" arrived very quickley and caused the start of tribes in the South and West. The white soliders watched as this movement spread around the continent rapidly. The United States Army was called for assistance, fearing agression from this movement. The Siouxz were moved to Wounded Knee Creek. They were told to give up all their weapons. They planned on surrendering but one deaf brave attacked. After the smoke of the massacre cleared, nearly 300 men, women, and children were dead.
  • The Dawes Act was Repealed.

    The Dawes Act was Repealed.
    In 1934, Alcoholism illiteracy and suicide went higher in the Native American Tribes. The first Americans were reduced to hopelessness as American grww to world power.