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    Native American History

  • Native Americans banned form voting

    the Native Americans were banned from voting by the US congress
  • Little Big Horn War

    Little Big Horn which occurred in Little Big Horn River. On this day both the American Indians and the US army both went to war at little big horn river. They were both prepared and the leader of the American Indians was Sitting bull and the leader of the US army was George A Custer. As they were fighting A Custer had underestimated them and the US army had lost the fight.
  • Big Foot

    In 1886 the US army had arrested Sitting bull and the American Indians had to elect a new leader. His name was Big Foot.
  • The Massacre Of Wounded Knee

    Big foot had halved the American Indians to go to two different paths. One side was had an argument with the US Calvary (the seventh). An accidental gun was shot and the Calvary had ambushed the American Indians and it had become a massacre. It was called the massacre of Wounded Knee. The American Indians were not prepared and had the fight and over 300 American Indians had died
  • Native Americans Vote

    The US Congress allowed Native Americans to vote again