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Native American Conflicts

  • Sand Creek

    Sand Creek
    In 1864 a regiment of Colorado volunteers killed over 200 Cheyenne along Sand Creek
  • The Tready of Medicine

    The Tready of Medicine
    tried to force plains people to give up their authority as free nations and move to reservations controlled by the federal goverment
  • Buffalo War

    Buffalo War
    it was the final attempt by serval Native Americans groups to protect the buffalo upon which they depends for food
  • Sioux reservation in the Black Hills

    Sioux reservation in the Black Hills
    custer round 210 soldiers died in what is known as the batlle of the little bighorn.
  • Congress Signed

    Congress Signed
    Congress signed an act forcing the sioux to return tho their reservation
  • Helen Hunt Jackson

    Helen Hunt Jackson A Century of Dishonor (a book)
  • Geronirno and his band

    Geronirno and his band
    a paches surrender to the goverment after more than two decades of conflict
  • Native America

    Native America
    congress passed the daws act
  • Native Americans clashed

    killing 25 soldiers and more than 200 men , women and children