Native Amarican Indians

By AngusH
  • Jan 1, 700


    American people in the Mississippian culture create political units called chiefdoms. towns become larger and stronger
  • Jan 1, 1492

    A new Discovery

    Christopher Columbus,an italian explorer, heads out to Spain to explore new trade routes in the Western Atlantic ocean.
  • Jan 1, 1540


    De Soto and his men come to India and bring smallpox and other deadly diseases.
  • English settlement comes

    The first english settlement is made and Ralph Lane is made Governor.
  • Expedition to North carolina

    Expedition to North carolina
    Ralph Lane takes an expedition to North Carolinato search for gold and other precios metals. Chief Winga wants to get rid of the English settlers so lane has him killed.
  • Alliance

    The spanish Governmant develops an alliance with the Tuscarora people
  • Resistance

    Chowanocs attack white settlements in carolina.
  • Abandoning

    The Chowanoc and Weapamoc Indians are starting to abandoned their land.
  • Execution

    Tuscarorans capture John Lawson and two African. Lawson argues with the chief and is executed. He spares the slaves.
  • siege

    Aforce from south carolina, consisting of 900 Indians and 33 white people, begins a 3 day siege on the tuscaroran Neoheroka.
  • Treaty

    A treaty with remaining North Carolina Tuscarora is signed
  • Epidemic

    A smallpox epidemic wipes out the population in North Carolina
  • Conflicts

    Armed conflicts start between cherokee and colonists
  • War with France and India

    The French and indian war is fought between England and France
  • Militia

    North carolina militia and cherokee assist the british in campaigns against the French and Shawnee indians
  • Ptroclamation

    king George 3 claims the western edge of settlement
  • American civil war

    American civil war
    42000 North Carolinians die in the civil war
  • Eastern carolinian school

    Eastern carolinian school
    An Indian school is established at eastern carolina in Herring Township. It will have years fron one to twelve.
  • Federal government trust

    Cherokee lands are in trust with the federal government.
  • Tuscarora joining other indians

    Tuscarora join other Indians across the nation