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Nasa - Missions to Mars

By Lachlan
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    NASA'S Missions to Mars

  • Mariner 3 was launched

    Mariner 3 was launched
    Mariner 3 was launched but the shroud at the top of the spacecraft didn't open properly and it didn't make it to Mars. In other words the mission failed and NASA was getting annoyed at the people who made the spacecrafts because the module on the side of the rocket kept stuffing up.
  • Mariner 4

    Mariner 4
    Mariner 4 was launched. Mariner 4 was a spacecraft that was designed to take photos of a few planets in our Solar System. These were Mercury, Venus and Mars, but it was made to take close up pictures of Mars.
  • Mariner 8/9

    Mariner 8/9
    Mariner 8 was one of the last experiments that NASA were going to make of the Orbiters. Sadly, Mariner 8 failed to work but Mariner 9 was launched and made it to Mars. When it landed, it observed that there was a humungous dust storm coming and it made Mars look disorientated.
  • Mars Observer

    Mars Observer
    Mars Observer was created to see what Mars' atmosphere, surface and geology of Mars. NASA had to pay a lot of money to get all of the science equipment. After a while, NASA lost contact with Mars Explorer. It didn't even make it to Mars. Some scientists made up a formula to make up a special camera that can thermoscan Mars
  • Mars Global Surveyor

    Mars Global Surveyor
    The Mars Global Surveyor made it to Mars in September 12, 1997 making it the first successful mission to Mars in 20 years. It was sent to interpret Mars' Atmosphere and surface plus looking what's under the surface. What was learnt from the Global Surveyor was that Mars' weather can repeat itself.
  • Mars Climate Orbiter

    Mars Climate Orbiter
    This was sent to Mars to see what the weather was like. When it got to Mars, Nasa lost contact from it. The calculations of this event went wrong.
  • Mars Polar Lander

    Mars Polar Lander
    Mars Polar Lander was built and launched to land near Mars' South Pole and dig in the ice with it's attached robotic arm. The technology in this project was fantastic.
  • Mars Odyssey

    Mars Odyssey
    the Mars Odyssey was sent out to orbit Mars and still is. It has been taking photos of Mars and it's features. We have learnt a lot about Mars because of this one spacecraft
  • Mars Express

    Mars Express
    Mars Express was sent out into space to get some sub-surface water. This mission was carried out by NASA, the European and Italian Space Agencies.
  • Spirit

    Spirit was one of two rovers that landed on Mars. Spirit was far better than the 'Pathfinder' as it had better technology. It had set on a path, scanned the surface and looked at the atmosphere. Spirit weighs around 180 kilograms as it was holding some scientific instruments and because it was built to stay intact.
  • Opportunity

    Opportunity was a twin with his brother, Spirit. Both of them were landed on opposite sides of Mars and they started to move off on their journey - to scan the ground and look at the atmosphere. From this mission and observation, NASA found out that, at one time, that there was an Ancient Martian Civilization.
  • Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

    Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
    Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was launched with the best camera that any Mars' missions ever had. It took a huge amount of photos which were very close up.
  • Phoenix

    Phoenix was a very small and cost effective spacecraft. It's mission was the same as the lost Mars Polar lander, flying to Mar's South Pole and digging into the ice.