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Napolean Bonaparte's Life

  • The Birth of a Villain

    Napolean Bonaparte was born.
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    Napolean Bonaparte's Life

    A timeline including the great events of Napolean Boneparte's Life. By: Hunter Mchugh
    I know there is no pictures... yet, or, I dunno
  • The Seige of Toulon

    Napolean sent out the pro-republican pamphlet "Le Souper de Beaucaire". This gained him the admiration of Augustin Robespeirre who helped Napolean take over Toulon. Also, from taking over Toulon, he was given control of the artillery arm of France's Army of Italy.
  • All hail the Emporer!

    Napolean became the Emporer of France.
  • The War of The Third Collation

    The British had convinced Russia and Austria to fight against the French. Napolean knowing that the French could not defeat the Royal Navy in a head to head battle, lured the Royal Navy away so they could invade England.
  • Glory to the new-crowned King!

    Napolean was crowned King of Italy.
  • The Battle of Jena-Auerstedt

    In The Battle of Jena-Auerstedt, Napolean defeated Prussia in, well, a battle.
  • Peninsular War

    Napolean invaded Poland with the help of Spain, then invaded Spain and replaced Charles IV with his brother Joseph.
  • The War of The Sixth Collation

    France allied with Germany went up against Prussia, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Great Britian, Spain and Portugal. After obviously losing, the French army committed mutiny against Napolean.
  • The Exile on Saint Helena

    Napolean was put on the Island of Saint Helena, 2000km away from any large land mass.
  • OMG!!! HE'S DEAD!!!!!

    Naploen Bonaparte died of stomach cancer while stranded on a island in the south alantic.
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    Napoleon's Historical Importance

    no actual dates, but true stuff
  • Lovely France

    Napoleon made many roads and buildings that made France alot nicer today.
  • The Metric System and France

    Napoleon helped France and other countries influenced by France convert to the metric system.
  • Powerful France

    Took over many countries makin France more powerful and known military wise.
  • The Napoleonic Code

    Napoleon devoloped the Napoleonic Code which is used in Europe, affecting their way of life in terms of administrative and judicial means.
  • Europe's Map

    Napolean chnaged the map of Europe to what it is today. For example, Germany used to be a gruop of states, but now it's a country.