Myanmar Moving Toward Democracy

  • Military in control

    Military in control
    Countrys name was changed from Burma. Myanmar was once largely isolated from the world when military rulers seized the country .
  • New constitution proposal

    Khin Nyunt becomes prime minister. He proposes to hold convention in 2004 on drafting new constitution as part of "road map" to democracy.
  • Election laws passed

    Government announces that long-awaited election laws have been passed, with provisions for an electoral commission hand-picked by the junta.
  • Changes approach

    Changes approach
    Government changes country's flag, national anthem and official name.
  • President of Myanmar situation with parliament

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits, meets Aung San Suu Kyi and holds talks with President Thein Sein. US offers to improve relations if democratic reforms continue.
    President Thein Sein signs law allowing peaceful demonstrations for the first time; NLD re-registers as a political party in advance of by-elections for parliament due to be held early in 2012
  • Series of reforms happening for Myanmar

    Series of reforms happening for Myanmar
    over the past years Myanmar has started moving into a series of reforms including the multi-party elections. For example they have gotten prisoners freed, restrictions on media and public gatherings lifted, and ceasefires signed with most rebel groups fighting for ethnic autonomy in many parts of the country. Now different country's are opening up to them with the market.
  • Technology boom

    Technology boom
    millions are expected to get access to affordable voice, SMS and internet services for the first time and that the implications for accessing information, knowledge, and ideas was limited until very recently politically, culturally and economically for the country.
  • Peace hopes

    A draft ceasefire agreement is signed between the government and 16 rebel
  • The Elections of 2015

    The Elections of 2015
    At the end of 2015 as national elections aim to usher in a new period of political stability, they are hoping to test the democratic level. The country is striving to be democratic but they are limited.Democracy is hard to build in real life, so Myanmar is trying since it needs institution and informed electorate, and the people elected needs to understand the role, but they are all new to this.