My us history timeline

  • The U.S takes hawaii

    within the same year they purchased alaska they take hawaii. it has been an economically importance to the united states. they have surgar plants that sold most of their crops for the united states.
  • Central Pacific and Union Pacific Complete the transcontinetal.

  • Period: to


  • Bessemer Process

    the bessemer process developed independently by the british manufacturer Henry Bessemer and American ironmaker William Kelly around 1850 soon to be wildly used!
  • British Labor Unions Win right to Strike.

  • the power of electicity

  • pearl harbor

    the united atates pressed hawaii to build a naval base at pearl harbor. its the kindboms best port. the base became a refueling station for american ships.
  • sanford b. Dole

    With the help of the marines they over thew the queen. they made a government headed by sanford. they wanted to give the power back to queen but he refused to surrender power.
  • Abrams v.s. United States

    leaflets criticizing the U.S. expeditionary force in Russia are found to be unprotected by the first Amendment. Holmes writes a dissenting opinion calling for the "free trade of ideas"
  • womens rights to vote

    womens rights to vote
    Nineteeth Admendment gives womens rights to vote
  • King tut

    King tut
    King tut's tomb is discovered in Egypt