My side of the Mountain

  • Sam left home

    Exact date unknown. The book says, "I left New York in May."
  • Sams tree house is done

    The house is six feet in diameter. He can "stand in it, lie down in it, and there was room left over for a stump to sit on." By December he will have a small fireplace with a chimney. He'll chip out "three other knotholes to let fresh air in."
  • The Strawberry Lady visits Sam's mountain

    Even though he didn't want to, Sam helped the lady pick strawberries then walked with her back to Delhi. While there, he went to visit Miss Turner at the library and read a few books about hawks and falcons.
  • Sam captures Frightful

    Sam picked the biggest of the nestlings. "The females are bigger than the males. They are the 'falcons.' They are the pride of kings." He plans to train her to hunt food for him.
  • Sam makes salt

    In mid-June, Sam made a salty flavoring by boiling hickory sticks dry. It made a thick, black substance. He used it to season his wild foods to make them taste better.
  • Sam's bed is finished

    The bed is made from ash slats covered with hemlock boughs.
  • Sam digs a pit for a deer trap

    Sam would like to kill a deer. He needs a door for his house, tethers for Frightful, and a blanket for warmth.
  • Frightful will hop from stump to fist

    Frightful can't fly. Her wing feathers are only about an inch long. Sam seems to love her and spends time stroking and handling her so that she will be easier to train.
  • 4th of July

    The 4th of July passes away with no entry from Sam. He did say the summer was good though. But no journaling on Independence day.
  • Summer

    Parts of the summer goes by with less entries from Sam. Maybe he was buring more trees to store food. But it seems that Sam was busing doing somthing and not journaling
  • Sam and Bando work to complete a raft

    Sam wants a raft for fishing in deep holes.
  • Sam and Bando's raft is almost done

    Sam and Bando's raft is almost colmplete. Sam and Bando also find clay and Bando thinks it would work good for pottery.
  • Bando and Sam are making pots for jam

    Bando have the idea of making pots to keep jam in. Sam says "We like jam, we eat it on hard acorn pancakes.
  • Bamdo teaches Sam how to make Willow Whistles

    Bando teaches Sam to make Willow Whistles by cuttingt wo fat twigs and slippng bark on them. Then he makes a bark tube for them and a mouth peice with a air hole in it. Sam said "He used it like a trombone."
  • Barron Weasel is growing new coat

    Sam notices that the Bron weasel is changing fur coats.
  • Sam gathers clay for his fireplace

    Sam goes out and collects clay for his fireplace he is planning on building.
  • Sam's fireplace is finished

    Sam finishes his fireplace for his house in the tree.
  • Sam collects nuts

    Sam collects nuts for winter and notices the squrriles have the same idea he does.
  • Deer season begins

    Sam hears a gun shot and reakizes his clothes have him in danger of getting shot. He goes to the trees tops and find a deer a hunters shot but didn't find. He found three deer that season with the same tactic.
  • Sam meets "Mr. Jacket"n

    Sam wakled to town an meet a boy named "Mr.Jacket," He also realizes he need to start stacking wood for the winter.
  • Sam talkes about how to use hunters to do his work for him

    Sam explains how to hide in the tree tops and find where the hunters animal is and to get to it before they do.
  • Sam gets 3rd deer

    Sam sneakes another deer from an hunter to make his 3rd deer of the year. He uses that deer to make a coat and pants.
  • Snow flurries begin

    ...."on the third day of December the sky went black, the temperature lowered, and the snow flakes swirled." Sam was scared.
  • Bando arrives

    Bando comes to visit Sam a day before Christmas.
  • Sam wonders if Bando will come

    Sam is wondering if Bando will come because he said he will be back for Christmas, and he has yet to arrive.
  • Sams dad visits

    Sam dad arrives to visit Sam in the woods on Christmas day 1959
  • Sam's dad meets Frightful

    Sam's dad meets Frightful on this day.
  • Sam's dad leaves after his visit

    Sams dad leaves Sam after visiting him for 7 days.
  • Sam hears somthing in his bedroom

    He thinks its probably a mouse, and it turns out he is right.
  • Sam sees the mouse that lives in his tree

    Sam sees the mouse and feeds him nut meats. He has another new friend.
  • Frightful catches rabbit

    Frightful catches a rabbit in the meadow and Sam notices his Owl neighbor.
  • Sam is feeling ill (estimated date)

    Exact date unknown Sam said "toward the end of January." Sam said he began to feel tired and weak. He said one moring his nose bleed, he was a little frightened.
  • Sam notices it is spring

    Sam knows its spring by how the animals and trees are acting and changing.
  • Sam sees the Horned Owl's eggs in there nest

    Sam finds the Horned Owl's eggs in the snow-rimmed cavity in the broken top of the tree.
  • Sam is sure it's spring

    Exact date unknown. Sam says "In the middle of March I could tell you it was spring without even looking."
  • Tom Slider (Mr. Jacket) visits Sam

    )Approximate date) Tom and Sam become good friends over time. Tom visits Sam almost every weekend. He updates Sam on the latest stories and what is happening in town.
  • "June burst over the mountain

    As spring turned into summer, Sam said "It smelled good, tasted good, and was gentle on the eyes.
  • A reporter comes to visit Sam

    A reprter comes and visits Sam learning how he lives. He also takes a picture of Sam.
  • Sam's family comes to live with him

    Sam whole family arrives with idea of living with Sam in woods.
  • Sam's dad starts to build a house

    Sam is not happy his dad is building a house in the woods. He disagrees with the idea.