My School District USA

  • Computer Lab

    Computer Lab
    Classes of students rotate through a static lab
  • Computer carts

    Computer carts
    Computer carts will rotate through classrooms and bring the tech to the kids
  • iPads Arrive

    iPads Arrive
    iPads will replace the use of the computer carts in upper grades and students will regularly use the iPads for learning, researching, and performing
  • Primary grades & iPads

    Primary grades & iPads
    Primary grades begin to use iPads
  • Books are gone!

    Books are gone!
    We've gone paperless! Its about time!
  • Ubiquitous, anytime learning

    Ubiquitous, anytime learning
    Students in our schools will be anytime, anywhere with their learning
  • Can't Imagine!

    Can't Imagine!
    By this time, we will be leading the Silicon Valley in anytime, anywhere, engaged project-based learning with students excelling on Smarter Balanced.