My Professional Practice

Timeline created by lpauley
  • Undergraduate Education

    Undergraduate Education
    Graduated with an undergraduate degree in education from Gustavus Adolphus College
  • First Year Teaching

    First Year Teaching
    Kindergarten at Becker Primary
  • 1st Grade

    1st Grade
    Second Year of Teaching
  • NSTA Conference

    NSTA Conference
    Native Plants and Seeds, Oh My!
  • Start Graduate Program

    Start Graduate Program
    Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
  • EDMA 610

    EDMA 610
    Child Growth and Development
    -Appropriate stages of Development
    -Experience to Apply
  • EDMA 612

    EDMA 612
    Engaging Learning Environment
    -VABBing (yes, and..)
    -Jensen's brain based teaching
  • EDMA 614

    EDMA 614
    Communication and Collaboration
    -Speaking opportunities
    -PLC collaboration ideas
    -APA Boot Camp
  • EDMA 620

    EDMA 620
    Curriculum Design
    -Backwards Design
    -Curriculum Selection/Discovery
  • EDMA 622

    EDMA 622
    Assessment and Evaluation
    -Accurate Assessments
    -Reaffirms our PM practices
  • EDMA 624

    EDMA 624
    Effective Instruction
    -Adapting and Differentiating
  • EDMA 632

    EDMA 632
    Ethics and Law
    -Landmark Cases
    -District Policies
  • EDMA 637

    EDMA 637
    Integrating Technology in the Curriculum
    -Meaningful and Developmentally Appropriate Technology
    -Primary Education Balance
    -TIES conference
    -Girls Who Code
  • EDMA 630

    EDMA 630
    Education Research
    -Finding reliable research and resources
  • EDMA 634

    EDMA 634
    Action Research
    - Mindfulness
    -Good Research Habits and Practices
  • EDMA 604

    EDMA 604
    Seminar: Reflection & Resiliency
    -Practice of Reflection
    -Historical Context
    -Components of Critical Thinking
  • Future Practice

    Future Practice
    -Reflection, Research, Critical Thinking, Professional Application
    -Potential further Graduate studies