My life until now

Timeline created by ViniBroilo
  • I was born!

    I was born!
    In this day I came to the world
  • 1 YEAR

    1 YEAR
    I started to know how to crawl and ask for things with movements
  • 2 YEARS

    2 YEARS
    I started to learn to talk a bit and walk and grew more hair
  • 3 YEARS

    3 YEARS
    With 3 years I was able to walk properly and got taller
  • 4 YEARS

    4 YEARS
    I could talk, walk started learning to write and read and got taller and my hands got bigger
  • 5 YEARS

    5 YEARS
    I could read and write, got taller and hands, feet and this things got bigger
  • 6 YEARS

    6 YEARS
    I started not liking school, learned to write in cursive and besides getting taller I don´t think anything changed
  • 7 YEARS

    7 YEARS
    I was basically fluent in English and could run faster
  • 8 YEARS

    8 YEARS
    I was learning more about math and lost some calf's teeth
  • 9 YEARS

    9 YEARS
    I learned English verbs, got taller and lost calf's teeth
  • 10 YEARS

    10 YEARS
    I was really happy that I was going to Fundação and my back was starting to curve(I don't know how to explain in English.
  • 11 YEARS

    11 YEARS
    My back started to be really curved and my logical reasoning got really good
  • 12 YEARS

    12 YEARS
    This is my age now, I'm the youngest person in the class and I don't feel like nothing changed I just feel that my height has but psychologically nothing.
  • 13 YEARS, almost

    I don't know what is going to be the changes.