My Government Timeline

Timeline created by leslyp17
  • Beginnings of an Uprising

    This was the year that the people of the Icecap Plains began to band together to try to overthrow their government. They would protest, cause riots, write to the Octans, etc. Rising discontent was due to the Octan Monarchy's unfair, harsh laws on employee wages, insurance, land/commerce prices, taxes, religion, and population.
  • The Takeover

    A group of people in the Ice Plains, known as the Selfs, organized an attack on the Octan Monarchy. The original 5 people of the Selfs recruited at least 48 people to be part of their plan. The plan consisted of surrounding the Octan castle and attacking the guards around the gates (using the fact that they outnumber the guards to their advantage). Then, they would storm the castle all at once and capture the king and queen. Once they secured the king and queen, the Selfs imprisoned them.
  • An Attempt at Organization

    During this time period, the people of the Icecap Plains gathered round to determine who should be the new leaders of the land. The Selfs were the ones most people leaned towards. This group called themselves the Selfs because they believed in self-rule and independence. The decision was put to a vote, and the public favored the Selfs who had already led them to victory once.They served as the first leaders of the Icecap Plains following the fall of the Octan monarchy.
  • Formation of Law

    After establishing the people in control of the land, there came the need to establish justice and regulations. This was when the Selfs gathered together and invited 4 other people, Henry Jenkins, Larry McGoolert, Lenjamin Crackett, and Walter Bings, trusted advisers/supporters of the Selfs, to create a frame of government. These men held a public meeting and invited the citizens to come and express their demands in a government. With that information, the men created "the Ley of the Plains".
  • Period: to

    Octan Monarchy Rules

    This is the time period the Octan monarchy ruled before it was overthrown by the people of the Icecap Plains.