My class for a day

  • English 8:15-9:30

    The first thing my class will do is a writing practice.They will write key words that I have picked from previous books. Next is Story time, I will read books to them while they listen on the carpet, at the end of that key words will be picked out.
  • Math 9:30-11:00

    I will be teaching a math lesson on adding/subtracting 2 digit numbers.After the lesson is taught I will let any students participate to come to the board to do problems.The students will be given a review work sheet to do in class.
  • Science 11:00-12:15

    I will read from the book on a certain topic.The students will have a puzzle worksheet that goes with the reading.
  • Lunch 12:15

    Students will eat lunch
  • Recess

    I will take children out for recess for 30 minutes
  • History 1:15

    I will play a short video that will tie into the history lesson that I will read to the students.
  • Down time

    This is down time for students before they have dismissal. The students will get agendas signed,homework will be distributed,materials will be put away if needed.