Musicians (Duki)

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  • Beginnings

    In 2015 duki registered in ''El quinto escalon'' changing the history of freestyle, and changing rap to a new mode called urban rap also known as Latin Trap
  • Song

    In November I bring up the song that brought him to fame ''Loca''
  • First song

    First song
    His first song is titled ''No vendo Trap''
  • 2017

    in 2017 he released some songs that made him more recognized in international music ''Hello cotto, Fvch luv, No me llores, Vampiros...''
  • 2018-2019

    In those years I bring out more popular songs ''Hijo de la noches, Quavo, Tumbando el Club, Goteo...''
  • Super Sangre Joven

    Super Sangre Joven
    Super Sangre Joven, It is an album that has been released between 2019-2020 ''Goteo (remix), Perrea, Fornai, 5 stars, Me gusta lo simple, Como si na, H.I.E.L.O...''