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Music Timeline

  • Piano (R)

    Piano (R)
    First piano created.
  • (H)The First automated music device

    (H)The First automated music device
    The player piano, also knows as pneumatic piano was the first truly automated music device.
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  • Phonograph (G)

    Phonograph (G)
    First music device ever created. In the 1870's it was the only way people could listen to music.
  • Microphone (R)

    Microphone (R)
    In 1876, Emile Berliner invented the first microphone used as a telephone voice transmitter. Later in 1933 the electric version for singing appeared.
  • Tape Recorder (R)

    Tape Recorder (R)
    First tape recorder ever made.
  • (R)Radio

    First radio invented by Alexander Stepanovich Popov
  • (R)Amplifier

    First Amp. created, it was kind of a tube.
  • (R)Electric Guitar

    (R)Electric Guitar
    First e. guitar ever made.
  • (R)Electric bass

    (R)Electric bass
    First electric bass made.
  • (G)Vinyl

    Evolved from the Phonograph and used amplifiers for its performance.
  • The First Transistor radio (H)

    The First Transistor radio (H)
    It costed U$ 325 today’s dollars. Played low quality sounds. Weight half a pound. Had variety of colors. It need one or more non rechargable “A” batterie just to heat the tube filaments and a large 45-90 volt “B” baterry to power the signal circuit.
    History of Music Players - Technabob
  • LP player (G)

    LP player (G)
    Reads Vinyl and its sound.
  • (H) KLH 11 - The firs portable stereo

    (H) KLH 11 - The firs portable stereo
    The model featured a revolutionary stereo system, a record player, amplifier and two speakers which were “easy” for transportation. It ran A/C power, not batteries.
    History of Music Players - Technabob
  • (H) Philips Compact Cassette and the Norelco Carry-Corder 150

    (H) Philips Compact Cassette and the Norelco Carry-Corder 150
    (From recorder to music player)
    The first compact cassette was designed for record up 45 minutes of sound on a single tape.
    To compliment innovation, Philips released the battery-powered Carry-Corder. It ran 5 flashlight batteries and weighed in at over 3 pounds.
    For the next 20 years cassettes would dominate the world.
    Just reminding, Mercury Records released a selection of musics for U$ 6 a piece.
    History of Music Players - Technabob
  • Cassette player (R)

    Cassette player (R)
    Electronic music player. Using magnets.
  • Walkman (R)

    Walkman (R)
    The device was built in 1978 by audio-division engineer Nobutoshi Kihara
  • (H) Sony Walkman TPS-L2 (The miniaturization has began)

    (H) Sony Walkman TPS-L2 (The miniaturization has began)
    The Walkman’s real innovation was its size. Featuring a pair of portable, lightweight headphones it retailed for US 274 today’s dollar.
    History of Music Players - Technabob
  • CD player (G)

    CD player (G)
    Reproduce the CD.
  • Sony Discman D-50 (H)

    Sony Discman D-50 (H)
    CD overtook cassettes tapes in sound quality and size. After just one year of the introduction of compact discs, Sony introduced their D-50 portable CD player.
    History of Music Players - Technabob
  • (R) Portable CD player

    (R) Portable CD player
    It was the first portable that reproduce sound.
  • (G) Mp3 Player

    (G) Mp3 Player
    Stores music.
  • (H) SaeHan MPMan F10

    (H) SaeHan MPMan F10
    The very first solid state commercial music player did not come from Apple.
    History of Music Players - Technabob
  • (H) Rio PMP300 - Solid-state with LCD screen

    (H) Rio PMP300 - Solid-state with LCD screen
    The solid-state MP (Music player) exceed the expectations in the beginning of it release, but was shipped later that year. The reason was simple. Technology evolute very quickly and it 32 MB module not worth U$ 200. Comparing with other models, its interface was revolutionary because of its little size.
    Rio PMP300 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  • iPod First Generation

    iPod First Generation
    Apple vastly improved industry mistakes such as accessories connectivity with “Made for Ipod.” iPod have won several award ranging from engineering excellence to favorable reviews about looks, clean design and easy-to-use. It is used in education and for business communication and training.
    iPod have been criticized for their short life-span, fragile hard drives and low battery life variating from one model to another.
  • iPod 2G

    iPod 2G
    Just 1 year afterward. Twice as much memory and supported Windows.
  • iPod 3G

    iPod 3G
    Twice as much memory AGAIN and the revolutionary click-wheel touch interface!
  • (R) Garageband

    (R) Garageband
    GarageBand is a software application for Mac OS X and iOS that allows users to create music or podcasts. It is developed by Apple Inc. as a part of the iLife software package
  • (R) Mac

    (R) Mac
    Its a Apple portable computer which cointains ILife, (garageband).
  • (R) Iphone

    (R) Iphone
    Its a cellphone that one of its functions is to store and reproduce music.
  • (G) Ipad

    (G) Ipad
    Its a bigger version of the Itouch and its also reproduces sounds. The apps avaliable also include music.
  • (H) Music deviced powered by body heat

    (H) Music deviced powered by body heat
    It is not a commercial device, but in future, it problably will. This is a eco-friendly music device powered by the body heat. To use it is really simple. Just attach it on your body and take a walk. Do not forget to plug yours wireless headphones.