Music from the renaissance to today

By jlm18
  • May 23, 1400

    Josquin Des Prez 1440-1521

    Josquin Des Prez 1440-1521
    Josquin Des Prez was wildly reconized by his first name. Much of his music survives today. He was a wildly popular musician. He was Europes most sought musician.
  • May 21, 1510

    Thomas Tallis 1510-1585

    Thomas Tallis 1510-1585
    Thomas Tallis was an english Renaissance composer. He taught in church, he was consitered on of the best early composer. He was treated very well,
  • May 23, 1510

    The Viol 1510

    The Viol 1510
    The viol was invented in Italy. It has a larg body. The viol has 6 strings. They were played virticly. The viol has a dark deep tone.
  • The English Madrigalists 1600

    The English Madrigalists 1600
  • 1450-1600 music #1

    1450-1600 music #1
    In the renaissance vocal music was more importent than instrumental music. A humanistic intrest in language created a relationship with vocal music. After the people created relationships with vocal music composers created a deeper meaning with music.
  • 1450-1600 music #2

    1450-1600 music #2
    The composers wrote music with deep emotion. They wrote in a stye refered to painting. Where the music and the words created a artistic meaning.