• The phonograph

    The phonograph
    The first music playing and recording device was created, it was called the phonograph
  • Period: to


    This was invented in Washington D.C. by Emile Berliner. It was the first device to record flat discs
  • The pianola

    The pianola
    This is a self-playing piano, it worked using music recorded on paper
  • The optophonic piano

    The optophonic piano
    the optophonic piano was a piano that displayed light when someone played it and then you could you display that light on a disc that you could put into the piano so it could replay the music.
  • Lp's

    Also known as the album, it was one of the first flat discs
  • Cassette tapes

    Cassette tapes
    Invented by Phillips, cassettes made it possible to record your own music off records and became very popular. They were also portable
  • Walkman

    It cost $150 and made the musical evolution much easier. More than 200 million of them were sold.
  • CD

    The first CD was made for ABBA's 'the visitors' album. CD players were sold for $1000
  • Discman

    The discman took over the walkman. It ran on batteries and it was released in Japan. It cost $430
  • MP3 player

    Investigation into Mp3 technology started in 1987. FM and AM radio were available through MP3 players, which were also known as AMP Mp3 playback engines.
  • Napster

    Released in 2000 and shut down by court in 2001, the Napster allowed people to share song files with each other and led to a drop in recording sales.
  • iPod

    Released by apple, 14 different versions were released in the spam of 7 years. They could hold music, photos, and videos and offered Wi-Fi
  • iTunes

    It allows you to manage audio and videos on your computer, and it makes playlists, and you can purchase music
  • Spotify

    had the ability to down load playlists