Music Evolution from 1940

  • Rock 'n' Roll

    Rock 'n' Roll
    1950s musicThe 1950's saw the emergence and rise of Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly. Some other artists that were popular in the rockabilly genre were Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent. Perkins wrote and recorded his chart-topping hit "Blue Suede Shoes"
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  • Pop Rock Beat

    Pop Rock Beat
    1961: With with the hit song “Surfin’ ” the Beach Boys introduce national audiences to the Southern California rock sound.
  • Funk, Soul, R&B

    Funk, Soul, R&B
    Funk, Soul, R&B, Pop, Hard Rock, Soft Rock and Disco all carved out their place in the music world in the 1970s. The late 70s also witness the birth of another young music style: hip-hop.
    Some of the best rock n roll of all time was recorded in the 70s. From David Bowie to Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, the list I could make would keep you scrolling for days.
  • Electronic Music/ Syth Pop

    Electronic Music/ Syth Pop music of the United Kingdom in the 1980s built on the post-punk and new wave movements, incorporating different sources of inspiration from sub-genres and what is now classed as world music in the shape of Jamaican and Indian music.
  • Rap, Pop, Reggae

    Rap, Pop, Reggae music in the 1990s saw the continuation of teen pop and dance-pop trends which had emerged in the 1970s and 1980s. Furthermore, hip hop grew and continued to be highly successful in the decade, with the continuation of the genre's golden age. Aside from rap, reggae, contemporary R&B and urban music in general remained extremely popular throughout the decade; urban music in the late-1980s and 1990s often blended with styles such as soul, funk and jazz, resulting in fusion genres such as n