• How Rock and Roll began.

    How Rock and Roll began.
    Rock and roll music did not exist until the 1950's . Much of the music that existed before that was classical, folk, jazz, blues, or Big Band with singers like Frank Sinatra. In 1954 a band called Billy Haley and the Comets launched a smash hit called Rock Around The clock. This is often reffered to as the beginning of Rock and Roll.
  • The King of Rock and Roll.

    The King of Rock and Roll.
    On July 4th, 1954 when a young truck driver with a tough exterior, slightly long hair flashy clothes and a crooked half smile entered Sun Records to record a christmas song for his mother , Sam Phillips knew he found what he was looking for.During his life time , it is believed that he sold over 1 billion records and earned more awards and was and still is reffered as 'The King of Rock and Roll'. Elvis then began appearing regularly in local venues with two other muscisans.
  • Bill Haley

    Bill Haley
    By 1956, Bill haley, had become one of the most popular rock and roll performers in the world.Within two years he had 12 top 40 records which included songs such as Shake Rattle and Roll, See you Later Alligator.
  • The Day The Music Died

    The Day The Music Died
    On febuary 3, 1959 a small charter plane took off from an air port in Iowa, USA. On board, on their way to a scheduled tour destination , were three of the 1950's great American Rock and Roll stars, Buddy Holly, RitchieValens and The Big Wopper. Tragically , The plane crashed soon after take off, leaving no survivors. It was a dark day that don Mc Lean later referred to as " The Day Music Died," when he sang of the event in his song american pie.
  • Brittish invasion

    Brittish invasion
    THe Beatles made their american debut in 1964 on the Ed sullvian Show. An apperance on the ed sullvian show usually guaranteed succesful career.There had been reluctance to release The Beatles record in the US. UK changed all of that and just two weeks before their apperance on the Ed sullivan show, they became overnight sensations in America, with their 'Hold Your Hand' reaching number 1 on the bill board chearts.
  • Surf

    THere are 3 types of surf music, instrumental vocal surf, and rock or beach style. instrumental style is made up of lead ryhtm guitar, bass and drum set. The use of the whammy bar and reverb created the effects that became synonymous. Vocal surf music can be easily identified by the three harmonies, use of the falsetto voice, and the lyrics, which were generally centered around cars,racing, and surf.