By sita
  • Jazz

    In the 1920s, jazz was being played in dance halls and homes all over the U.S.
  • Country Music

    Country Music
    In the 1940's country, western, and swing were popular. New dances and catchy up-beat songs were taking place.
  • Music Soul

    Music Soul
    In the 1960's music soul was extremely popular.Any music with a calm beat was enjoyable such as blues and rhythm.
  • Pop Culture

    Pop Culture
    The begininning of Pop culture or any music you could dance to began in the 1980's. people wanted a upbeat and boucey beat to get up and dance to.
  • Electronicia

    In the year 2000 electronica so any music that was 'futuristic' was in such as liquid funck and grime.
  • Pop Punk

    Pop Punk
    As soon as the 2002 hit pop punk was back in the top 100 charts anmd that same kind of hardcore muwsic from the 1980's was what people all over were listening to.
  • Alternative rock and Indie rock

    Alternative rock and Indie rock
    Alternative rock and indie rock was the type of music most people were listineg to in 2004. That same hardcore music was still being listened too.
  • Contemporary R&B

    Contemporary R&B
    2006 was when contemporary R&B was out. Artists like beyoncé Knowles got there big break around this time.
  • Rap

    Rap got its big break within the early 2008 period. Although this music had been around for a long time at this timer it became extremely popular.
  • Pop

    In 2010 pop was all over the music charts it was what everyone was listing too.
  • Pop and Rap

    Pop and Rap
    Pop and rap are still every where spreading like a virus. Till today most of the population listens to pop or rap.