MUSC 171 Timeline

Timeline created by Claydees
In Music
  • Period: to

    Great Migration of Blacks

  • Big Mama Thornton Born

  • Berry Gordy Born

  • Elvis Born

  • Phil Spector Born

  • Black unemployment = 7%

  • Bob Dylan Born

  • Muddy Waters moves to Chicago

  • WDIA all-white radio

  • WDIA all-black "mother station of the Negro"

  • Elvis Moves to GRACELAND in Memphis

  • Period: to

    Cross Bronx Expressway

  • Music Industry Net Worth $188 Million

  • Sam Phillips SUN Records made

  • Period: to

    Hound Dog Most Covered Song

  • Elvis enters SUN records. Legacy begins

  • "Race Problem" in desegregation

  • Period: to

    R&R began w/ whites covering blacks

  • Elvis on the Milton Berle show hip controversy

  • Alex Kornor tours Muddy Waters in Britain

  • Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna Born

  • Period: to

    The "In Between Years" of music industry

  • Period: to

    Motown chart 357/535 = 67% hits

  • Motown Revue (touring) begins

  • Period: to

    Early Beatles

  • Period: to

    Golden age of teenage music

  • Bob Dylan Goes Electric at Newport Folk Festival

  • Period: to

    Middle Beatles

  • Motown chart 75% hits

  • End of R&R dominance

  • First HUMAN BE IN

  • Period: to

    Late Beatles

  • Period: to

    Led Zeppelin's Prime

  • Heavy Metal Becomes OWN Genre

  • Led Zeppelin dethrones Beatles as #1 English Band

  • Forbes says 50 R&R stars making 2 - 6 mill/year

  • Music industry net worth $2 billion

  • Bruce Springsteen joins E Street Band

  • Bruce Springsteen on Time Magazine Cover

  • KISS first album "Alive"

  • Elvis Dead

  • KISS most popular band in USA

  • Music industry net worth $4 billion

  • Disco becomes OWN genre

  • WKTU an all rock station, switches to all disco

  • Disco = most popular genre

  • Michael Jackson drops "Off The Wall" album

  • Prince drops "Dirty Mind" album - controversial

  • Period: to

    Blacks under 18 in poverty = 50%

  • MTV = "All purpose" radio playing only British rock

  • Period: to

    MTV starts playing black music due to MJ

  • Big Mama Thornton Dead

  • Madonna breakthrough "Like A Virgin" album

  • Northern lights perform "Tears are not enough"

  • Prince forms own "Paisley Park" Music company

  • Madonna controversy "Like A Prayer" burning crosses

  • Black unemployment = 20%

  • Madonna lashing out in "Justify My Love" against critics

  • Prince changes name to a symbol for a while