Muhammad TimeLine

  • 570

    Muhammad was born

    Muhamad was born and he was an orphan. Muhammads mom died when he was very very young. His grandfather took lots of care of him and he loved him. (Burstein and Shek 61).
    My evidence is secondary.
  • Period: 570 to Dec 31, 632

    Beginnings of Islam

  • Nov 3, 610

    Spreading the words of God.

    According to islamic beleifs, an angel appears and tells Muhammad to spread the word of God. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) started spreading the word of God in Makkah. After that, he went to other tribes and places to teach the word of God. He talked to them about God, the holy book, about previous prophets, previous practices and beliefs and other books sent by God like Bible and Torah. My evidence is secondary.
  • Jan 1, 613

    He spreads the word,

    It took him 3 years to spread the word. (we dont know the exact date of when he decided to spread the word).
    My evidence is secondary source.
  • Nov 3, 613

    Muhammads early challenges.

    1) Idol worship
    2) No brotherhood
    3) Nudity
    4) Fighting
    5) Non cultural people
    Muhammad faced those problems with Gods help. (What are some problems Muhammad faced early on?).
    My evidence is secondary source.